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Tips, techniques and the most effective techniques for playing slots

In total casino games, including slots, players play at a disadvantage. Your RTP is below 100 %, which favors the casino. Meaning you've to be fortunate to win, which explains why higher volatility generally favors the player.

Let's find out if I explain myself… in very low volatility games, the results, over time, tend to be closer to the expected return, which happens to be below 100 %. On the other hand, in high volatility games, nevertheless, you carry on and cast off money in the long term, there's the chance of winning a great amount of cash thanks precisely to such high volatility.

Originating from a different viewpoint, the same cash can be won by making smaller bets. If you make smaller bets with higher volatility, you lose less in the long run and the chance of winning big remains.

This's exactly why most of my tricks as well as tactics are derived from increasing volatility, while taking into account the game's RTP.

Trick no. 1: Avoid bets that considerably lower the RTP
Most online slots have the same RTP for all option variations. But, some video games derived from conventional slot machines add a big disadvantage to some kinds of bet. With this situation, it is essential to decide on the type of bet that doesn't present disadvantages. I will use 2 examples to exhibit this truth.

Trick no. two: Make use of the double choice feature to regulate volatility
The double option feature (red / black) offers you the risk of doubling the prize with a likelihood of 50 %. In certain games (like Novomatic's), you can do this several times in a row (up to 13, I think).
This aspect greatly increases the volatility of the game. Originating from a long term perspective, it is like trading a good deal of small prizes for higher but less frequent prizes.

Trick no. 3: Reduce the amount of pay lines to increase volatility.
Did you know that if you define the game with one payline, rather than 10, it is likely that the volatility of the game is actually five to 10 times greater?
in case you am sure two dolars on a single line, a typical payout is going to be much higher (although less frequent) than if you bet $0.20 on 10 lines. By betting on ten lines simultaneously, the payout table prizes are actually ten times smaller. Usually, in most slot machines, the winning combination only comes out on one of the 10 lines, hence the normal payout is also lower.
Remember that this particular tip can't be worn by high stakes players, as the maximum bet every line is normally restricted. However, there are actually exceptions, like IGT's Cleopatra game.
When, on the additional hand, you do not typically bet over $2 at an individual round, this particular trick is essential.

How you can win big at slots The uncomplicated answer is that to win big, you have to risk lots of. Nevertheless, if you would like to win big with the highest probability, you have to greatly increase the volatility of the approach of yours.
Even though it sounds strange, the most effective method to WIN BIG is actually by endeavoring to drop quickly. It does not appear to make sense, does it? I will explain myself.
Statistically (in the long run), money is lost whenever a bet is actually placed. This's exactly how RTP functions. To lose less money in the long term, it is important to reduce the whole value of the bets. สล็อต To achieve this, you have to strive to lose the budget of yours by making as not many bets as you can. Through this instance, and the RTP being the same, the rules of stats offer you a better chances of winning big.