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The Torguard proxy is a remarkable piece of software that enables its users to surf the Web anonymously, bypassing typical restrictions that limit the users of standard IP connections. In this article we take a quick look at how the VPN server software works and whether it's worth buying and using the software or not. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) server software has become very popular over the last few years as more people realise the advantages that come with having access to a secure, tunneling IP network. The VPN is often referred to as a 'virtual proxy' due to the way it works, basically you are putting up a fake Internet site that visitors to your computer will connect to instead of your own.

Let's say you're somebody that wants to browse the Internet anonymously, so you use a regular search engine to find what you want. When you visit any site that has an onion address in its URL (which you'll more likely have learnt about from passing around a few Internet forums) this will be recorded by the search engine. This data is then sent back to the person you're trying to access the site from. Now you have the ability to simply bypass this restriction and visit what you want. The way the Torguard proxy works is that it enables you to create a unique, private, onion-link for each website that you visit.

To use this system of tunnels you first download a Torguard proxy server, usually in the form of a freeware or shareware program. Next install the proxy server software on your computer and connect to the Internet via this unique proxy IP address. When you visit any site that has a link to the vuze torrent site, your IP address will be recorded by the proxy server, so this means you'll be prevented from visiting sites that are restricted to memberships of certain groups. If you want to visit any site you want, then simply navigate to the website, normally through the "scope" section of the browser, and enter your password.

It's important to use a Torguard proxy server that has been created by someone with an actual technical knowledge of web technology. There are many persons out there who have created very poor quality proxy servers which are extremely vulnerable to attack and damage. You should only use a Torguard that has been created by an industry professional.

One of the advantages of using a Torguard proxy is the fact that it can prevent DDoS attacks (denial of service attacks). A DDoS attack is when several computers all try to access the same IP address and then fail. Because the Torguard system is a unique, private link, only the owner of the IP address can actually connect to the internet. Therefore if somebody has created a torrent proxy server and has thousands of members, then they will have the capability of flooding the servers with traffic and thereby reducing bandwidth usage for the entire network.

There are a few different ways in which you can protect yourself and your system against DDoS attacks, but the most important thing that you can do is to not use the Torguard anonymous proxy service. ProxyDiscount is a known culprit amongst many people who have used this service. Using a Torguard anonymous proxy service will leave you open to many attacks on your PC and your internet connection. So while it is true that Torguard will reduce your load in some aspects, it is also well know that you could end up at much greater risk if you use this service. Always make sure you do your research on any website before you use their services.