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Cremation of an Indian lying on a plank of wood above a fire warning issued by the Californian Rural Indian Well being Board for American Indians to practice safe sex. Couples, families and single parents representing AVERT, the AIDS Education and Research Trust. Conference notice on public private partnership in well being care in Ethiopia. Colour lithograph by the Ethiopian Medical Association, 2004.
A crowd of men and women representing the fight against AIDS by the Grupo de Apoio à prevenção à AIDS, Gapa/BS, Brazil. A crowd of people representing the truth that over 13,000 people are at danger of HIV in Chile issued by the Ministerio de Salud, Chile as component of a National AIDS prevention campaign. A crowd of Indian ladies holding babies representing a warning by the World Overall health Organization about for the vulnerability of females and HIV/AIDS. A cross-section of the HIV virus with the characteristic outer protrusions with 3 red arrows pointing to the earth in orbit and the word 'AIDS' under an AIDS prevention advertisement by the Korean Anti-AIDS Federation Inc. Colour lithograph by Ofelia Rodriguez, 1994. A couple with a heart among them wrap their fingers collectively to represent their like and unity in an AIDS prevention advertisement by the Korean Anti-AIDS Federation Inc.
Colour lithograph,1987. An embracing Asian gay couple sheltering from the rain beneath a tree against which stands a discarded sword and a deer advertisement for The Naz Project to support Asian communities with AIDS/HIV. An electric fire protected by a guard, in front of which a tiny girl reads a picture book and a lady does some knitting. Colour procedure print after Jake and Joyce Jacobs.


The Little Lebowskis: 10 Righteous Heirs to a Coen Brothers’ Classic - The New York Times

The Little Lebowskis: 10 Righteous Heirs to a Coen Brothers’ Classic.

Posted: Tue, 06 Mar 2018 08:00:00 GMT [ source ]

Colour lithograph right after I.V. A blackboard within a red border bearing a message about AIDS advertisement by the AIDS Network of Edmonton Society. A black youth wearing a gold chain and bomber jacket leans against a wire fence with a warning about the danger of sexually transmitted illnesses in the young a poster from the America responds to Aids marketing campaign. A black mother with her daughter and son with a message about how a mother tells her youngsters about AIDS a poster from the America responds to Aids advertising campaign.

A calendar for the years 1995 and 1996 such as a list of 10 factors to recall about AIDS an AIDS prevention advertisement by The Ministry of Education Training, Vietnam. A calendar for the years 1995 and 1996 including a central chart outlining the personal, economic and social impact of HIV and AIDS in 5 phases an AIDS prevention advertisement by The Ministry of Education Instruction, Vietnam. A calendar for November and December 1995, with days represented by greyed-out garments with the red ribbon, and 1 -2 December in colour marketing Planet AIDS Day and Red Ribbon Day 1995 in Hong Kong. A Chinese painting in which a lady baring her genitals is pushed on a swing towards a man with an erect penis. The blue silhouette of a foetus in the womb of a woman a warning to pregnant women about the dangers of passing on AIDS by way of pregnancy issued by the Ministry of Wellness & Urban Improvement of Belize. Colour lithograph by Stage 1 Design, ca. The black silhouette of a couple kissing with the word 'AIDS' in Hindi pointing towards the lady.

An ear filled with a bulging brick wall representing the problems of not listening to the information about AIDS advertising the AIDS Concern Hotline, Hong Kong. An eagle perches on the finish of a man's hand with two additional semi-naked men in the foreground with the message 'Wild living. transsexuele escort belgie -grinder demonstrating that folks who spit or crack sunflower-seeds spread tuberculosis and are thus enemies of the people's health.

Condoman, a cartoon figure, holds a packet of condoms on a beach advertising protected sex amongst indigenous Australians. Colour lithograph by the Division of Health, Housing and Community Solutions, Australia, and the Aboriginal Well being Workers of Australia . Collage of art performs bearing dedications to individuals who have died from AIDS advertisement for The Names Project Foundation and the National AIDS Memorial. Colour lithograph by Shirely Jones for One of A Sort, 1992.

  • Two identical doves apparently asleep representing the difficulty in distinguishing amongst those who have AIDS and those who do not an advertisement by the Grupo de Apoio à Prevenção à AIDS, Gapa/BS, Brazil.

  • Two identical chicks representing the difficulty in distinguishing amongst these who have AIDS and these who do not an advertisement by the Grupo de Apoio à Prevenção à AIDS, Gapa/BS, Brazil.

  • Two kissing naked black guys advertisement for secure sex by the Terrence Higgins Trust.

  • Two content children, representing the added benefits of vaccination against polio.

Clean well trained children saluting the Red Flag, with scenes displaying the will need for cleanliness and hygiene amongst Chinese kids. escort girls belgium belgium escort list , 196- (?). Cindy, a girl with black hair tied up who holds a toy advertisement by the National Urban League, Inc for these with or impacted by AIDS. Children's artwork from the World AIDS Day poster contest, every bearing the words 'time to act' advertisement for AIDS awareness by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Young children with the words 'How a great deal do your youngsters know about AIDS?

An advertisement for Planet AIDS Day and the AIDS Association in Antioch, Turkey. An Asian couple embrace by a window advertisement for the new female condom by the Black HIV/AIDS Network. An American woman preaching Prohibition to a crowd of nicely-dressed American citizens. An American soldier sweating with fear about contracting a sexually transmitted illness warning American servicemen to use condoms. An American soldier running to escape a thunderbolt in the type of the letters VD, representing venereal disease. Colour lithograph by F.O.
Explanation on how HIV is transmitted seventh of sixteen advertisement posters by the American Red Cross advertising education about AIDS. Colour lithograph by Leonardo, 1993. Eve is providing an apple to Adam though the serpent watches by way of the branches of the Tree of Understanding representing the origin of AIDS.