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How do I set up a One Step GPS tracker?
Our GPS trackers can both be plugged in or hardwired into a automobile depending on your requirements.
The plug in device can easily be plugged under the cars dashboard in the onboard diagnostics (OBDII) port. This is the same plug that mechanics use to find out what is wrong with a car Once it's plugged in, you will never need to charge it and if it's removed you will be notified by text or email. Our product plugs into all 1996 and more recent vehicles.
The plug in device can additionally be hidden several ways for a more discrete installation speak to your One Step GPS opinions consultant for more information.
The other choice is to hardwire the device internal the vehicle consistently under the dashboard. It gets attached by three wires: Constant power, ground and Ignition/Accessory. Once installed the device will never need to be charged and is a great tamper-free solution.
Our trackers are designed to face up to the impact of day by day year-round travel and are lined by a Lifetime Device guaranty as long as you are using our service.

Do I need to acquire a info plan?
Each device comes with its own built in data plan that you do not have to pay additional for.
The plan is usually with AT&T or T-Mobile, relying on who has a more advantageous signal in your space at the time. You can also get Verizon for a small surcharge if AT&T or T-Mobile do not have clear reception in your area You do not have to have the same cell phone carrier as our GPS as this only gets the data from the GPS device to our servers.
When the GPS trackers are in an area without cell service the device will still have access to the GPS satellites and will store roughly sixteen hours of knowledge Once it reconnects to the cell network it will add the activity that happened during the time it was out of range. therefore a lack of cell service only effects in a loss of real-time monitoring and invariably only for short durations of time.
How much does it cost?
We've spent an amazing amount of time and effort to offer a top class product at this low price. These are top rate GPS monitoring units from top manufacturers Our pricing is unheard of in the GPS tracking business - $13.95 per month with NO contract required.
simply pay first month and last month at sign up, plus an activation fee of $20 or less, relying on the number of devices.
If, for Smartwatch , you find the provider is no longer a fit for your company, you can cancel with NO penalties.
We're so assured that you will find this product vanity that we offer a 30 day, full money back guarantee
Device have enough money be back at end of subscription term.
One Step GPS: Transforming the GPS trade extravaganza trade one step at a time
Want to know more about the finest GPS fleet trade extravaganza solution on the market? Contact us today, or request a free demo