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Reasons Behind the Exponential Growth of OTT Streaming Platforms!

OTT is one of the industries that has seen exponential growth in the last couple of years. The outbreak of the coronavirus has been proved as a boon for OTT platforms. While ott platform and industries are adversely affected due to the pandemic, the OTT platforms have evolved otherwise.
With precautionary measures like social distancing being the new normal, the multiplexes, theatres being closed, people who have been confined in their homes are left with very few entertainment options. Amidst these critical times, OTT players have played a major role in entertaining people and have clearly taken over the other modes of entertainment. OTT players leveraging people to get entertainment anywhere, anytime, and on any internet-connected devices.

Today, India has seen a tremendous increase in the consumption of video content on various channels and platforms in the past couple of years. The major reason behind this is often attached to internet penetration & ever-increasing smartphone usage.
There are many articles on OTT streaming platforms justifying why these mediums are better than traditional cable TV. Over the top platform-subscription is pocket-friendly and especially there is the comfort of viewing video content whenever you want.
OTT platforms provide online audio and video content in various genres, where a user can enjoy music, blockbuster movies, new releases, originals, TV shows, programs, and much more. This article will give you insights into this booming OTT industry and the reasons for its rising popularity.
Reasons for Tremendous growth and Hype of OTT Platforms among Viewers
New, Unique, & Freshly brewed Content
OTT platforms offer brand new and original content in various genres and multiple languages. These players consider unique, innovative, and engaging concepts to create video content. The topics are a breeze of new air for Indian viewers and deviate from the age-old video content people are used to and such content does not fail to entice the audience. Language is no longer a barrier and people are embracing various local shows, movies, web series, and there is a lot of video content for almost every language, making OTTs universally accessible.
Cheap and Affordable---the subscriptions are very reasonable and cost-effective making video streaming affordable for most of the economical sections.
Free subscriptions on OTT---some OTT platforms lure the audience by providing free tail or freemium subscriptions to try their services.
OTT provides content for all age groups
No interruptions---The TV shows and movies on such platforms are usually ad-free, making it a top-notch viewing experience for the viewers. Users do not have to see repeated advertisements and can enjoy the audio and videos without any interruption.
Video on demand---Unlike traditional cable TV, users don’t have to carry a set-up box and a remote to enjoy their favourite video content. With the help of OTT streaming services, users can now watch their favourite TV shows, programs, movies any time on any device.
High-end video streaming quality, limited and quality video content---unlike Indian television video content, OTT streaming services have shows, and web series restricted to a limited number of episodes rather hundreds of unnecessary lagging episodes.
Download & watch later---OTT streaming services do not maintain particular time slots for series, shows, and movies unlike TV. OTTs permits viewers to have their own schedule for watching and allows downloading where people can watch the video content later.
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