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As I took my seat on a flight from Toronto to LaGuardia not too long ago, I observed that the female flight attendant was significantly taller than six feet. Due to the fact I know that several folks in the USA inquire tall men, "Did you perform basketball?" I was curious about her knowledge with that or similar questions.
When there was a second when she was not carrying out her duties, I had my likelihood. "Excuse me", I stated. "I have a query. How typically in a day of flying are you asked, ‘How tall are you?'" She smiled, and mentioned, "At least 10 occasions a day and frequently much more." She shared that it was only seven:15am as we spoke and she had previously been asked three times.
Later on in the flight she returned. The aisle seat following to me was empty. She sat down shook my hand and said, "My identify is Samara. May we talk?""Yes, of program," I said. She was curious about why I asked my query, and grateful that I had not asked the exact same query as most. Right after I explained that I work in the area of diversity, unconscious bias and multicultural competency her curiosity piqued. I shared that I had carried out unscientific research a number of many years ago and identified that quite tall guys in North America are asked, "Do you play basketball?" on common of fourteen instances a day when they are in public environments. If they say "no" the inquirer does not know how to carry on the conversation. No doubt, they will not want to say aloud, "What's wrong with you?!"
Samara went on to share her encounter and how aggravating this query is. She fully understood that people have great intentions, and believe it is a way to acknowledge her and be pleasant but the consequence of that query and some other individuals produce an opposite result. She and the men I have spoken to about this predictable behavior do not waste their energy getting to be angry with the inquirer, but have no inspiration to motivate more conversation. 1 former professional basketball player advised me if that is the 1st question a individual asks him, he rapidly ends the conversation and walks away. He feels they have not taken a moment to identify that it is a superficial question that reflects an inability to hold an exciting conversation.

According to investigation performed by Judge and Cable only 14.8% of grownup American guys are over six feet tall, yet 60% of American CEOs are in excess of 6 feet tall. A similar statistic is accurate for US presidents and generals. Though this is a career advantage, it does not dismiss the annoyance of 'the question.'
I know, some of you are questioning what is the massive deal? Why can't they just get in excess of it and go with the flow and be thankful they have this perceived advantage. But considering that you are still reading, that suggests you are curious.
Will the sun not rise if you ask 'the question'? Of program it will. Link Will you get punched in the nose? Not probably. So in the scheme of factors, asking this query is not going to prevent planet peace, but if your inspiration is to engage in a conversation to get to know the particular person, I propose that you hold back the urge to ask 'the question.' If you want to get to know this tall person, commence by asking a non-judgmental, open-ended query that displays the current. In Samara's case, probably the query would be, "What motivated you to turn into a flight attendant?" If there is no opportunity to have an in-depth conversation, which is usually the situation with a flight attendant or a tall guy standing in line to board a plane, then just never ask anything at all. This will be challenging at very first. The urge to inquire the clear query is sturdy for some individuals.
I can ensure you if you start off with a a lot more open-ended query you will discover about the real man or woman, not just the perhaps envious attribute they have. And, if height is critical to them, someplace fairly early in the conversation they will mention it without you getting to ask.
Samara shared that she speaks three languages, lived in Germany and France for a time, speaks to youth groups about the joys of travel and how one particular can learn about other cultures. The other query she hates is, "How previous are you?" In accordance to her, apparently older people consider it is okay to request that question. She feels it instantly puts her in a box with an assumption that she is too younger to know particular factors when she has truly had incredible experiences past people of a lot of older people.
Lean outdoors of your comfort zone and try this. Look for methods to engage in conversation by asking a query connected to the reason you and that man or woman are in the identical place at the exact same time. Never inquire the following concerns, and see how lengthy it requires for folks to share the solutions without having you asking:

* How tall are you?

* In which do you function?

* Do you have kids?

* Where do you dwell?
No, I never ever did ask Samara 'the query.' I gained so considerably far more than just being aware of her height.Yes, I even now have an inner urge to ask 'the question' but I battle it.I know that it only feeds my curiosity, and does not honor the whole individual. Let me know your benefits.